Upcoming Speakers

July 5th - NO MEETING

July 12th - Bryan Cordell and Reverend Larry Bratton, The Sustainability Institute

July 19th - Lance Corporal Matt Southern, SCHP

July 26th - David Diana, Lowcountry Mental Health Conference

 Weekly Speakers

Following the theme of “Be The Inspiration”, our Speakers and their topics will focus on:

1. Promoting peace
2. Fighting disease
3. Providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene 
4. Saving mothers and children 
5. Supporting education
6. Growing local economies 
In addition, other topics may include:
7. Literacy - kids and adults 
8. Wellness/Health/Fitness
9. Leadership development 
10. Nutrition/Food/Farming
11. Money/Finance and financial literacy 
12. Environment, clean rivers/oceans
13. World economy and trends
14. Shelter/Housing and the future 
15. Brain development/health with music, arts and language 
16. Workforce of the future
17. Business development (international)
18. Sustainability 
19. Challenges to conquer -
       - poverty
       - hunger
       - human trafficking 
       - mental illness
20. Government and its role in our lives 
21. Transportation
22. Laughter
23. Technology, robotics, Ai
24. Stewardship and caring for others 
25. Community updates and service
26. Future of faith
27. Aging populations and its effects
28. Personal branding and etiquette 
29. Tourism and hospitality in our city
30. Legacy and purpose

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